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Merlin 2000GD Gas Interlock System - GD2000

Merlin Range Gas Interlock System

Price Includes:

  • For kitchen equipment without flame failure devices
  • 1 - Merlin 2000GD Gas Pressure Proving Control Panel
  • 1 - Gas Solenoid Valve
  • 1 - Remote Emergency Stop
  • 1 - Power Monitor PM2
  • 1 - Free delivery (mainland UK)

This panel is to be used when the kitchen appliances do not have flame failure devices. Therefore Gas pressure proving is required.
The Merlin 2000GD panel combines modern digital gas proving technology with reliable ventilation/ gas interlocking techniques, in one clear concise panel. Combining these features provides initial capital cost savings and less installation time.
Gas Proving may be a requirement for the BS6173: 2009. The standard requires that where flame failure devices are not fitted a gas pressure proving system should be used, to ensure downstream gas line has no leaks and all gas appliances are closed at start up.


Key features of the Merlin GD2000

  • Complies with BS 6173:2001 for commercial kitchens
  • Gas Proving for when kitchen appliances are not fitted with flame failure devices
  • Clear LED display for system indications
  • Connections for BMS systems as standard
  • Low Pressure monitoring for incoming gas supply
  • Works with most Gas Solenoid Valves
  • Interlocking with fans using either Air PD switches or fan current sensors
  • Easy installation
  • Key operation giving user full control

All Merlin systems are designed to comply with the latest CE requirements and low voltage directives.


If the Merlin 2000GD detects there is a drop in pressure due to a appliance being open or a gas leak, within the 20 second start up period, the gas solenoid will close and the panel will show “test fail”. Appliances must be closed and the panel reset and put through another testing procedure. Assuming the system is found to be sound the panel will go to “gas on” and the gas solenoid valve will open.
Ventilation/Gas Interlock ensures that fans are running before the gas solenoid valve can be opened.

A Gas Safe installer would be required to fit the gas solenoid valve.

! A Gas Safe installer would be required to fit the gas solenoid valve. Check the register at
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All Merlin Range Gas Safety Products are delivered free of charge to mainland UK postcodes.

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